1. To the development of exhibition industry

EIMS Vietnam - To the development of exhibition industry
  • The power of exhibitions and conventions puts stress on connection between participants and buyers and acquiring data-base.
  • Participation of superior buyers results in superior participants and improving the quality of exhibitions
  • Control of entrance of a exhibition and use of data-base become the competitiveness of the exhibition
EIMS Vietnam - To the development of exhibition industry

2. Registration system, linking the relationship of Exhibition

  • Not Registration system is simply to issue badges
  • As start forming data-base which is based on all exhibitions, it manages all factors that is related to exhibitions
EIMS Vietnam - Registration system, linking the relationship of Exhibition

3. Object of EIMS Vietnam

  • It is the most important for exhibition industries which are noted as value added service to secure clients and manage the data of the clients.
  • The EIMS Vietnam is a IT solution company developing and renting software for professional exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
  • It is possible to develop the software you want such as statistical data, draw, premiums. Also, we provide barcode system or the total solution by using the RFID program.
Object of EIMS Vietnam

4. Exhibition Registration System

It is the first solution forming One-Stop Registration, One-Click Information applied to global circumstances. It is adequate to operate registration system since network with wire and wireless is composed freely. It provides information which directly reflects request of organization on-site.
EIMS Vietnam - Exhibition Registration System

5. DB Solution

  • It collects the information of visitors by scanning bar-code on name badges.
  • It collects the information of visitors by Face to Face
  • Uncontacted Scanning
  • It provides the information of visitors in real-time and OA system for each booths
  • It promptly and exactly provides the information about the visitors
EIMS Vietnam - DB Solution
  • The data made up of a EXCEL file can be downloaded at EIMS Vietnam homepage(www.eimsvietnam.vn) with given ID and password.
  • Organization can monitor the situation of entrance and registration relative to each times and a kind of visitor
  • Participants can search the situation of the visitors in real-time.
  • Formation of marketing data and making quicker decisions
  • Making out the report after a event (Organized DATA, Show Report)
  • The data organization want to be offered is supported.
EIMS Vietnam - DB Solution

6. Web Solution

  • Appointing seats and payment of entrance fee with pre-restration.
  • Operating system of appointing a participant`s booth with registering a participant's booth
EIMS Vietnam - Web Solution

7. Other Solution

  • Advanced service for visitors by event.
  • Supporting business through sponsorship
  • Promotion by neck strap, dual monitor
  • Various abilities of a ticket (eating / parking / drawing / questionnaire)
EIMS Vietnam - Other Solution